In March of 2003, continuing with its mission of developing emerging plays and artists Epic Rep in association with Nerve Theatre and Access Theatre presented a staged reading of:

by Lesley R. Scammel

Directed by: Alyse Rothman

With: Aedin Moloney, Andrew McGinn, Shelia O’Malley, Maureen Shannon & Stan Tracy

On April 25, 2003 Epic Rep Sponsored a stage reading at The Players Club in New York City. The evening was a benefit for PEN America, The Dramatist Guild and Epic Rep. Mel Gussow of the New York Times was Master of Ceremonies.

Written and Directed by Glynn O’Malley

The history of the play PARADISE had been a troubled and exciting one. After being commissioned by the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park with the Lazarus Award for New Plays, the play was scheduled to begin performances in the beginning of March 2003, but abruptly canceled after a series of protests by groups claiming to represent a Cincinnati religious community. The Dramatists Guild of America and the writers group PEN issued statements deploring the decision by the Playhouse to censor this thoughtful work about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. . Epic-Rep stepped in and purchased the rights, and continued development of the play with staged readings and workshops. Epic Rep offered support for Mr. O’Malley as an artist to further develop this work as a piece of drama, not an apology of politics.

PARADISE was inspired by the story of Ayat al Akhras, an 18-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber and high-schooler who blew herself up in Jerusalem , killing three people – including herself and Rachel Levy, a 17-year-old Israeli high school student. The play follows the story of these two girls, who in another time and place could have been friends; it deals with their everyday life of homework, secret crushes, and dreams in the midst of violence and chaos.

Glyn was nominated for the 2003 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. This award honors an individual who has fought courageously, against adversity, to safeguard the First Amendment right to freedom of speech as it applies to the written word.



In a New York-first, the CUNY Graduate Center offered a three-day Prelude Weekend featuring work being produced by the city’s distinctive off-Broadway theater community. On October 2, 3, and 4 of 2003 The Graduate Center’s Martin E. Segal Theatre Center joined with the Alliance of Resident Theatres (A.R.T.)/New York to present 16 A.R.T. member companies, providing a compacted preview of diverse plays being developed for the 2003-04 season and beyond, and a unique forum for showcasing the extraordinary Off-Broadway theater scene. The public got a rare look at plays in the early stages of development, and artistic directors had the opportunity to discuss their creative process with audience and colleagues. Epic Rep presented:

By J.T. Rogers

Directed by Gus Reyes ?With: Josh Hamilton, Carole Healey & John Ottavino




On October 9, 2003 at the DR2 Theatre on Union Square in New York City, Epic Rep kicked off its Premiere Repertory Season.  This marked the culmination of a collaborative, ?two-year developmental process. The season which ran as a true rotating rep included two full-length plays, Farblondjet by Playwright in Residence, Jeremy Kareken & Antigone by Jean Anouilh as well as the One-Act Play Series.

by Jeremy Kareken

Directed by Michael Montel

With: Ann Talman, Peter Rini, David Staller, Polly Lee & Gene Lasko

FARBLONDJET, an original full-length romantic comedy was developed in the 2002 workshop season under the direction of Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner & fellow company member David Auburn. This partnership highlights an important part of our mission: established artists make themselves available to the emerging artists as a source of reference, experience, inspiration, and hands-on instruction. Arthur Penn also made himself available as a consultant to Jeremy throughout this process.

by Jean Anouilh

Directed by Richard Kuranda

With: Alicia Regan, David Gideon, Rufus Collins, Carolyn Craig, Darrell Stokes, David Wagner, Craig Rising, Ella Sloboda-Zalejski, Matthew Kelty & Laura Johnson

Antigone was previously developed over the 2002 season, the ensemble cast represented the collaborative strength that Epic hopes will distinguish its efforts and that of its talent. The production was developed and directed from its initial stages by Founding Artistic Director Richard Kuranda.

One Act Play Series

Program A

Dancing with Joy
by Frank Gagliano

Directed by Daniel Ellis

With Jarel Davidow, Robert Lavelle, Kelly Lake, Matthew Kelty & Alison Nager

Reading Zimbabwe
by Melody Cooper

Directed by Tom Burke-Kaiser & Lisa Deo

With Melody Cooper, Duane Chivon Ferguso, Matthew Kelty & Lloyd Watts

Wednesday is the Worst Day of the Week
by Grame Gillis

Directed by Dylan McCullough

With Polly Lee & Ann Talman

The Roads That Lead Here
by Lee Blessing

Directed by Coy Middlebrook

With Craig Rising, Jason Schuchman & Joe B. McCarthy


One Act Play Series

Program B

When a Storm Comes
by Matthew Kelty

Directed by Lisa Deo

With Jana Mestecky & Niki Sarich-Rising

Murmuring in a Dead Tongue
by J.T. Rogers

Directed by Gus Reyes

With David Wagner

Saint Magician
by Romulus Linney

Directed by Jamie Richards

With Chris Ceraso, Thomas Lyons, Joe Patenaude & Sharon Chirone

Epic Rep was only two years young and had attracted some of the theatre world’s preeminent masters and emerging talent as company members and The One Act Play Series featured World and New York Premieres from these artists. During the premeiere season Epic continued its New Work Reading Series and every Monday the following plays were given staged readings for the public:

Sid and Marshall
by Kevin Podgorski

Directed by Daniel Ellis

With Austin Basis, Gonzalo Escudero, Peter Rini, Victor Tirado & Carlin Glynn

I’ll be Jonah if you be the Whale
by Jeremy Wine

Directed by T. Paul Lowry

With Kristen Cerelli, Gabe Fazio, Robert Lavelle, Kerry Flannigan, Carolyn Craig & Jason Schuchman

Big Red Truck
Written and Directed by Glyn O’Malley

With David Staller, Eli Eagle & Joseph Culliton

Robbie & Lynn
by Leslie Maslow

Directed by Claire Traeger

With Deanna DeCampos, Megan Byrne, Jason Schuchman & Matt Hammond

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